Silver Lotto System Does It Really Win Lotteries?

The Silver Lotto System, is a lottery system created by Ken Silver that boasts a very high win rate, but does it really win lotteries? We have a ton of people requesting information on this Silver Lotto System from us weekly, so here is the honest truth about this system that seems to boast of it’s silly high 98% win rate.

To start off even Ken Silver himself says he created this Silver Lotto System at home on his own. He started selling the system back in the 90’s and continues to sell the system up to the present day. Ken Silver also says he is a writer, has also said has had his own publishing company, so in reality he has no real lottery system developing special skills. Ken Silver is not a true lottery expert, how do writers/publishers get there information? They get it from other sources as books, Internet, and so on. This is where Ken Silver has gotten his lottery system creation from, along with many others who also have made-up systems. Now whether it is a lottery system developed by real data analysis by real techs/professionals or just a made-up system by some dude, all that really matters is if the systems will help you win the lottery correct?

Here is the scoop on this  Silver Lotto System Review if really delivers the claimed 98% win rate, or winning 9 out of 10 lottery games is actually true. Lets start with our testimonial of the system. We have tried and tested this Silver Lottery System a little while back and followed Ken Silvers advice and tips, but I am sorry to say the system was very disappointing to say the least. A 98% win rate this system claims is very misleading, we did not do much better with the Silver Lotto System, than with playing regular lottery quick picks. I would give the Silver Lottery System a slightly better winning odds than using quick picks or random lottery numbers.

Now lets look at what the lottery system review sites have to say about the Silver Lotto System Review. Looking at the top review sites we find every single review site, stating the Silver Lotto System is extremely hyped-up and misleading, does not win lottery games as advertised. Some review sites even suggesting the system is border-line scam! When investigating lottery blogs and forums to see what others are saying about the system, we yet again find very negative comments/reports that the system is no where near as good as Ken Silver and of course the many affiliates promoting the system claim it to be.

We know first hand there has been many suggestions of people, not getting their guaranteed 60 day refund if requested from Ken Silver. We have read many complaints by others who say they were railroaded out of the guaranteed refund, some very angry people indeed. So the point in this case is buyer beware! If it does not sound legit, maybe best to move on.

Now to yet again show some proof if others who have tried the Silver Lotto System actually won with the system or failed with the system. take a peek a the latest best winning lottery system poll official results below. As you can see very clearly for yourself the Silver Lotto System received ZERO VOTES! This mean that there were no real lottery winners who won with that system. If the system was actually delivering a 98% win rate, there would be many more real winners voting for the system, but it is just not the case here. Our Silver Lotto System Review, suggests you to use your best judgement, look over the given facts on this particular system and make a sound decision on whether it is worth trying or not. There are clearly much better systems on the market that actually do win lottery games. The top winning system voted best winning system in two best winning lottery system official poll results (polls cannot lie or cheat) was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, a system highly recommended many real lottery winners, which is not a made-up system by some dude, but by a real lottery techs/professionals and get this, this system does not allow affiliates to sell it, it’s the real deal!


Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!


I hope we have given you a good insight or review on the Silver Lotto System created by Ken Silver versus much better real systems such as The Lotto Guy Lottery System and others. We did this review so hopefully we will get less requests about this system. Please feel free to post this article on your websites, blogs and so on, to help others have access to the review.

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Lotto Black Book Formula Is Nonsense!!

The Lotto Black Book Formula claims it is a Real Lottery Winner’s secret formula for winning the lottery. The system is said to be created by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair, who claims has won 3 out of 5 big lotto jackpots using his own Lotto Black Book System. When looking further into this system we find many issues, lots of lies and false advertising.

Here are some of the issues we found showing this lottery system is not what it is claiming to be.

  • Over the last year or so the sales page has stated the system was created over a 20 year period, then later changed to 9 year period. This change occurred after many other review sites pointed this fact out.
  • The sales page was found to have fake testimonials, now removed to hide that fact.
  • It has been proved there is No Math Professor Larry Blair, just a phony scenario used to sell a bogus lottery product.
  • The seller claims to have won lottery jackpots with the Lotto Black book System yet there is No Real Proof and the first sales page was caught using a fake winning photo proven to be Michael Anderson not Larry Blair. This was proven by many sites, now the photo yet again has been removed to hide the evidence. This seller of the Lotto Black Book is a shady seller/marketer and has lied many times and been caught, you need to be aware of this fact!
  • The Lotto Black Book Formula is nothing special and if you investigate all the so-called good reviews you will see they are all from affiliates selling the system. Those reviews all supply links to the system and if you look at the url it will have hop in the link meaning it is an affiliate link. You cannot trust reviews from affiliates they lie to sell, you must trust real reviews only! See reputable review sites Lotto System Reviews The TruthLottery Systems Reviews.
  • The Lotto Black Book has been caught using fake testimonials, fake creator Larry Blair, Does Not Show Any Real Proof Of Winnings, Has been found out to be a shady marketer not a math professor from Oklahoma. The system it’s self has no real lottery winners, all lies!

The Lotto Black Book has been reported by many people to be of little use winning lottery games and we recommend you find a better system that is a real winning system, fake system win nothing. Only shady review sites report it is a good system as they fool you to make money.

Take a peek at the official best winning lottery systems poll results, note the Lotto Black Book failed to receive votes why? The system does not win lottery games or real users or lottery winners would have voted for it, there is your solid proof of where this B.S Lotto Black Book really stands. Simply put, the Lottery Black Book Formula is Nonsense!! Our lotto black book review tells you the truth!

20013 Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

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How To Win OZ Lotto Winning Strategy!

Australian OZ Lotto is a pick 7 from 45 or 7/45 lotto game plus 2 bonus or supplementary drawn numbers which is held every Tuesday Night. The total of 9 lottery balls are drawn at random from the forty five lotto balls, the first seven balls drawn are the “winning numbers balls”, the last two lotto balls drawn are the supplementary numbers or bonus number balls.

Playing the OZ Lotto to get good winning success, means you will need a good solid proven strategy and is the only smart way to attempt to win at this Australian pick 7 game. Oz Lotto has seven prize Divisions and to win a cash prize you need to
hit or match a minimum of three winning lotto numbers drawn from the 45 number pool and 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers in any one game.

It is very interesting to see how many strategies or systems, claim they will give you good winning results if used for OZ Lotto, but after some in-depth searching reviews on what real OZ Lotto winners were using to increase their odds to win, we have found the highest percentage of winners were using a lottery system. The system we are referring to has also been recognised as the worlds beat winning lottery system for Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lotto games including OZ Lotto! See for yourself below the actual official poll, to find the best winning lottery systems. Polls are solid proof of what real people are voting on, in this case it is which lottery system worked best for you!

20013 Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

The proof is very clear that most people voted for the Lotto Guy Lottery System which seems to also have the highest percentage of OZ Lotto winners. Ultimately the
choice is up to you which system you will use, but you simply cannot afford to jump from system to system, that would cost a fortune, best to try out what others recommend first as it may be your key to real winning success!

The fact is, if you play Australians top lotto game OZ Lotto, you definitely MUST use a system and it should be a system that can also be used for other Australian Lottery games such as  Monday Night Lotto, Wednesday Night Lotto, Thursday Night Powerball, and Saturday Night Lotto, once again the top system or strategy is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it’s a no brainer!

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Win The Lottery Easier Smart Play Strategy

Do you think to win the lottery easily you need some kind of a well kept secret, or the science of secret lottery winning strategies? No, the real way to win the lottery far easier is to use a specially designed system or strategy that has been tested and proven to increase your chances of hitting winning lottery numbers more frequently.

Imagine having the secret key that could secure winning number combinations with outstanding accuracy and do it in a fast very easy to use method! Well I have some very good news for you, there is a newer lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels and this lottery system is gaining a world-wide reputation for producing winning lottery numbers with amazingly easy strategy. We seen proof over and over again this wheeling system works well, this coming from many reports of users using this superior lotto wheeling system to win Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery games such as, Florida Lotto, Powerball, California Lottery, Texas Lotto, Illinois Lottery, Michigan Lottery, Canadian Lotto 6/49, Oklahoma Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Australian Lottery, UK Lottery, South African Lotto and Mega Million just to name a few.

Here is actual proof of a winning lottery ticket below for Canadian Western Lotto 6/49 that used Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. You can see it is a $6.00 lottery ticket ($1 each line with a free quick pick)  Note this single ticket hit a 4 number winner and a 3 number winner and won in total $60.00 for a cost of $6.00 an easy profitable winning. Notice the winning lines were not from the quick picks, but from the Smart Play System, if used all quick picks there would have been no winners. Want better results? Just use a bigger wheel from Smart Play or play more lines each draw and even better winning success should come your way!

2012-09-04 18.07.30

Winning Lottery Ticket Using Smart Play Lotto Wheels System

Forget get about using lottery quick picks or some silly hyped-up lottery system claiming to be developed by a math professor or a secret code etc. Those kinds of systems are for suckers, if you are going to gamble and play the lottery, make sure to use a real legit system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels as it really works good to hit those winning lottery numbers. Use a real superior designed system and you get real legit lottery winning success, it’s really that simple!

We give the Smart Play Lotto wheels System our top recommendation, especially for you lottery players that want a very easy to use system that is yet still very effective! You are going to try to win the lottery anyways, so why not use an easier smart strategy and win more frequently for a change.

Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Win The Lottery 

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works


Lottery Winning Secrets Winners Use To Win

Are there really lottery winning secrets that you can use to better your chances to win the lottery? The answer is yes and is how many real lottery winners seem to win the lottery big not just once, but two or three times. There is no perfect winning strategy to for sure make you win the lottery, but there a few secrets that are now revealed that will increase your winning potential many fold, all you need to do is simply apply this knowledge.

The first step you need to do to better your chances at winning any lottery game is to play smarter! Playing the lottery smarter involves using strategy, which will be in the form of a lottery system you apply to increase your win rates. Not every system produces good winning results, most people must try system after system to find which ones work best. This as you might know can get very expensive, not to mention the time it takes to test lottery system after lottery system. There is now some very good lottery news, in which a best winning lottery system poll shows us exactly which lottery systems are working best to win lottery games.

Now after you have chosen a top winning lottery system which is your main strategy to boost lottery winnings, you now must add a few more lottery winning tips to fine tune your winning leverage. If you are going to get serious about winning the lottery, you need to increase the amount of lottery tickets you play each lottery draw. Most all expert lottery players follow this winning tip as it increases your odds to win. Just know your budget and stick to a certain amount of tickets that you can play each lottery draw. The next lottery winning secret is to play the lottery game that already has the best odds to win the jackpot. The better your odds are from the start the better your chances to win. Then adding in your increased lottery tickets you play and using your main lottery winning strategy, which is your lottery system, your odds or chances to win the lottery are increased many times than the regular average lottery player, you now have a big advantage.

So to re-cap, your lottery winning secrets you need to have better lottery winning success are:

  • Use a verified top winning lottery system such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System.
  • Increased the amount of lottery tickets you play each lottery draw.
  • If you can, play the lottery game that already has the best odds to win the lottery jackpot.

These are the absolute best winning lottery secrets you can apply to seriously increase your leverage to win the lottery! You cannot win the lottery if you do not put forth a little effort, this is what sets big lottery winners apart from the average lottery player. You must decide if you want to win the lottery, or just play the lottery and accept your high percentage of loses that could have been possible lottery winning number combinations.


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Does Lotto Guy Lottery System Work?

Many lottery players are asking, does Lotto Guy Lottery System work to win the lottery. If so, what are my chances to win using the system? We can tell you straight out in this Lotto Guy Lottery System Review. This system is very good at winning lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions. The Lotto Guy Lottery System will definitely increase your chances greatly of winning any pick 5 or pick 6 lottery game!

We browse the Internet frequently and we hear the buzz about almost every lottery system. People are getting very tired of using lotto strategies and systems that sound like real winners. Then in reality are not even close to being a good winning system. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is in all honesty, a true real verified winning lottery system. Also we can actually show you solid evidence the system is in fact winning lottery games. This is revealed a little later in this review.

Case Studies And Poll Results Show The LG System Is Good

Case studies show us that strategy is the main key to hitting winning lottery numbers. Giving you the edge for increased lotto winning success! About nine out of every ten lottery players loose lotto draw after lotto draw. Lottery players who chose to use a good lotto strategy. Such as a top ranked winning lottery system like the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Actually increased their lottery winning ratio greatly! Case studies do not mislead you. Solid evidence of real winning lottery systems revealed by poll votes for best winning systems. Also do not mislead you, they show real proof!

Best Winning Lottery Systems

You can easily see for yourself by the poll results. Only a few real winning lottery systems seem to work well at winning those lottery winning cash prizes. Now all you need to really do, is choose a top voted on system. One that real lottery winners use and recommend. Then you simply just stick with it. No more jumping from system to system, wasting your time and money. Get a good system the first time around, you will be better off.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Key Points

This superior winning lottery system has been revealed to all. It’s an extremely recommended system to use if you play pick 5, 6 or pick 7 lotto game. Not only is the Lotto Guy System a hot winning system. It’s also one of the very few systems that has real support available. Just in case you have an issue at least someone can help. This factor alone gives you a little piece of mind. Also the system seems fairly easy to use for most people. Tt is not a complicated system.  It’s just different and allows for a few different ways of applying extra special win rate boosting strategies.

Many review sites are now recommending the Lotto Guy Lottery System why? It can literally kick start your winning success. Possibly turn your dreams of winning the lotto into a reality! Also most lottery systems being sold are actually just marketers. They are using false scenarios and advertising to draw in your attention and of course your money. Hence why they never work as directed and never produce claimed results. The Lotto Guy System is Not created by any marketer. It was created by real lottery experts, techs and data pattern analysis. It is not software, but a true formula type system. That is the key why this system really works!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is A Smart Choice To Use

You can of course use any system or strategy you want, but top ranked real winning systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System are seriously hard to come by and playing the lottery smarter is Smart! So Does Lotto Guy System Work? Yes! It really does help boost your success if you use it correctly!

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Lotteries – Strategy Is Key To Winning The Lottery

Lottery strategies for winning the lottery is a very logical step you really should be using, or you cannot get good success. I know you you have played the lottery week after week for years and to what success have you obtained? Most people just stick to general methods to choose their lottery numbers, which is also why they hardly ever win the lottery.

To win lotteries you need to apply a few things, then you will have increased your chances for better lottery winning success!

  1. You need to start playing more lines of number or lottery number combinations. This simple change increases your chances to win, playing the common line or two of lottery numbers is not going to do much for you.
  2. Just focus on one particular lottery game at a time, do not spread yourself out play multiple games. This will allow all your energy and time trying to up your odds to win only that lottery game. You will have better success putting all your money into lottery tickets for only one lottery game.
  3. Do not use your Horoscope lucky lottery numbers, it has been well proven playing those numbers rarely ever helps you win.
  4. Do not pick all low lottery numbers, most winnings contain a mix of higher and lower lottery numbers.
  5. Do get yourself a good lottery strategy also called a lottery system. This is the best tool you can have and apply to seriously boost your odds to win any lottery games. All major lottery winners who win lotteries frequently use a lottery system, so it is most advisable to do.

Now that you have some guidelines to follow to increase your chances to win lotteries, you actually must apply them to get results. If you are going all the way, wanting the best over-all success at winning your lottery game, then it’s time to find a real lottery winning system. There are many lottery systems out there, weeding through all of them will cost you a small fortune, then the time it takes to try them out. To save you a ton of money and time, you can look up good winning lottery systems on these lottery system review sites, then just chose what is good for you.

  1. Lottery Systems Reviews 
  2. Lottery Systems Review Group

After you get a good reputable winning lottery system stick with it! Do think just because you have a system it will magically start winning lottery games immediately, it takes a little time for systems to show results. Most good lottery systems will build up better odds to win as they are used consistently, do not use a system for example for 3 lottery draws then stop for a month, then use again for two more lottery draws and wonder why the system is not working good. Your lottery system which is your main strategy and using the system consistently is you key to winning!

Winning the lottery is not easy by any means, you must play smarter by using good solid strategy, it is what the big lottery winners do and so should you!


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Lotto Black Book Formula Is It For Real?

Most people have heard about the Lotto Black Book by professor Larry Blair, but do not know the whole truth about this lottery system. The system creator claims to have won 3 lottery jackpots as well as lotteries for many people. Larry Blair also claims to have been shot by thieves trying to steal his precious Lotto Black Book System Formula. The real truth now be told, this lottery system has won No Lottery Jackpots! It’s really a shame that this once believed winning system is really just a farce!

It has now been thoroughly proven and reported by many people and other sites, including most every lottery system review site, that this Lotto Black Book system was not created by a Math Professor Larry Blair, the real creator of this extremely hyped-up silly non winning system is in fact just a common marketer. Checking into this Lotto Black Book we find many false reviews on this system all by affiliates also trying to sell the system for commission sales, which is also a big clue the system is fake. Just think about it for a second, why would a supposed great winning system need affiliates selling it? The only reason is, it’s the only way this system makes money, not by winning any lottery games so please do not be fooled by this phony system.

This Lotto Black Book was also entered into a recent best lottery system poll, where it failed miserably, meaning no lottery players are winning with this false hyped-up system. If the system was winning lotto, where the hell are all the winners? We Cannot find any real winners at all! Also this so-called math Professor Larry Blair has changed his sales website a few times telling the story behind his Lotto Black Book system. The most stupid statement made was it first took him 20 years to create and develop his Lotto Black Book Formula, now as of late he has changed that saying now it took him only 9 years to develop, what will this lier claim next. The point I am making is the system uses a misleading phony scenario to lure you in to grab your money.

Lotto Black Book System

  • System claimed to be developed by a Math Professor is not true at all!
  • Lotto Black Book has no real winners including the seller of the false system.
  • Lottery system review sites rate the Lotto Black Book as a very poor system.
  • The Lotto Black Book has affiliates selling it which is a clear sign only makes money by sales, not by winning lottery games.
  • Tons of reports say the Lotto Black Book system is nothing special wins nothing.
  • Lotto Black Book System was caught in early 2012 with false testimonials on sales page and false lottery winning cheques ( Remember even one false cheque or testimonial is clear sign to avoid system) Since being caught has now changed the sales page to hide this.
  •  Reports of the guaranteed refunds not being honored by seller of the Lotto Black Book, what a big surprise!

Read the Lotto Black Book reviews very carefully, do some research on the Lotto Black Book before thinking about buying it. If the system has affiliates selling it, just walk away! Real honest winning lottery systems do not need to be sold using affiliates, real systems win lottery games for real! I bet you the FTC will be close down this false Lotto Black Book soon, as have seen other systems that are using similar false advertising that are shutting down. Get a real system, it’s the only way to get good winning results! If you want our opinion on a great tested and proven real winning lottery system, check out Lotto Guy Lottery System it actually works good.

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Lottery Winning Tips That Beat The Lottery

When you play the lottery you are against very high odds to actually win big, this is why you need some expert lottery winning tips that beat the lottery, if you want to succeed! We have looked at many lottery games and most all of them have very poor odds to win. Your first and best lottery tip is to use a lottery system, as it will increase your odds to win the lottery over any other lotto strategy known. The hard part is to find a decent legit winning system that really does what it advertises to do.

Almost all lottery systems will help you to increase your odds so you have better results. The sad part is most lottery systems highly exaggerate or plain down right lie to you about the results the system will give you. We have put together a list of things to watch for when buying a lottery system. If the system has any of the items on the list, you may want to just walk away, as it will be of no great value to you.

If the system is stating higher than a 40% win rate, it is a false winning lottery system. If the system is a lottery analysis software system (past drawn numbers system), it is not worth buying, as all of these types of systems get their data free online at the same places you can and they never give you more than a 2% win rate in reality no matter what they advertise. Even the free lotto software systems work just as good. If a lottery system is sold through places such as ClickBank it will most likely be a marketer selling the system under a fake scenario as being developed by a Math Professor etc. This is what we call a false winning system and is definitely only meant to make the seller money, not win lottery games. These are the main red flags that indicate a bogus or shady lottery system.

Now lets look at some real proof of which lottery systems are winning lottery games by user votes. This is solid proof that cannot be faked like so many testimonials found on many lottery system sales pages.

20013 Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

20013 Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

The highest rated legit lottery system in the world, is a system called Lotto Guy Lottery System and is very well-known as a system that produces outstanding results. The system directly increases your odds to win as you use it consistently. This is a very high-tech designed system (not in software format but was developed from software) that gives 75% of the people who use it excellent results. It is also the same system that won the 2012 and 2013 best winning lottery system by poll votes, so it is the real deal!

Now that is a powerful system every lottery player who plays pick 5, pick 6 or even pick 7 lotto games should be using and it’s the best lottery winning tip we can give you! Remember this! Every single marker selling a B.S lottery system is Desperate For Sales, this is why they sell through places like ClickBank so affiliates can sell for them. Why would they need to do this if their system actually won lottery games for them and others, see what I mean, the system is B.S, does not win the lottery! Stick ONLY to real legit winning systems for real lottery winning success!

Silver Lotto System Review Not A Winning System

Lotto 649 Winning Tips And Strategies

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Lotto Best Winning Strategy

When playing the lottery to win, you most certainly need to use a Lotto Best Winning Strategy. Most lotto strategies simply boost your odds to win a very small amount, yet still better than using lottery quick picks or self picked random lottery numbers. Self picked lottery numbers are the most used strategy in the world and will not give you great lottery winning success.

Real life lottery winners, or lottery winners that have won more than one large winning, will always use a true verified winning strategy. These winners know what they are doing to increase their chances to win, pick 5 or pick 6, even pick 7 lottery games. Spending $20-$60 per lottery game/draw without a serious winning strategy is actually not an intelligent way to win lottery games. It’s time to switch to real winning strategies and move up to proven strategies or systems that are known to win lottery games, it is the smart way to play.

Here is the trouble with locating real winning lotto strategies or lottery systems. Most of these systems are really nothing special, just common lottery tips and strategies that have been around since the ice age, they simply do not win lottery games, just sold to make the creator/seller/affiliates money that’s it! These sellers will use all sorts of false advertising, false testimonials and so on to grab your sale. I will show you how to pick a true verified winning system/strategy that real lottery winners use and recommend.

Take a look at the latest best winning lottery system official poll results, study it to see the best systems voted on by real users or lottery winners. This is solid proof of which lotto systems are truly winning lottery games. Polls cannot lie or be false, so all what you see is for real!

20013 Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

Many of these lotto systems were claiming big win rates, but in real life they did not win as they claimed. The true winning systems as Lotto Guy Lottery System, actually proved to be a real top winning system and is highly recommended by many. Other systems that many like as Smart Play Lotto Wheels are a very good choice of strategy to use if you want fast easy to use systems. Then there are a few systems that are less winning systems, but still good choices, as a variety of lottery strategies is sometimes the best way to play lotto.

If you want to increase your lottery winning success, you need to use a lotto best winning strategy or you will not succeed in winning very much, using a lotto strategy simply works! Try stepping up to a real strategy used by real lotto winners, it just may be what you need to grab that big lotto jackpot. Only you can help yourself win the lottery!

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