Is A Fake Lottery System Review Site

When we find a review site such as posting fake lottery system reviews, you need to be warned. This lotto system review site is claimed to be run by a person who calls himself Professor George. This lottery system reviews site is run by nothing more than a shady marketer, not a Professor, and is posting false, fake reviews on lottery systems trying to push unsuspecting people into buying only the systems he can make sales commissions from as an affiliate. This is a sick disgusting tactic used by shady marketers to make money from you.

First off let’s take a look at the so called Professor George who runs this shady lottery system reviews site. Why does this professor only give his first name? Any legit professor would give his or hers full name and a list of their credentials and a Professors Tenure (research, teachings, and services) to show and prove who they are so they can be verified. This so called professor George is no professor and after investigating further we see the whole shady tactic this marketer is trying to pull. He posts reviews on lottery systems, showing the good ones he says are the ones to use and he shows you the so called bad lottery systems he says to avoid. We find it highly suspect that every single lottery system he says is good and to checkout, has an affiliate url. An affiliate url will have within the url a (aff) or a (hop) which clearly shows us this fake professor has an affiliate url for the systems he says are good and pushes people to purchase only those lottery systems. If you purchase the lottery system from his link (affiliate link) he make a sales commission and you the sucker get the bogus lottery system which is virtually useless.

Now on the other hand, this so called professor bad mouths the lottery systems he cannot make sales commissions from, as the system or systems do not allow affiliates to sell it, hence no commission sales can be made. You see what this shady professor George is doing, he is fooling people by giving useless lottery systems already well known to be bogus systems the good reviews which are false, and the actual good lottery systems the bad reviews which is a shady tactic. This is a very clear red flag the site called is a nothing more than a fraudulent lottery system reviews site posting fake reviews and fake comments.

Now we will explain more about the fake reviews and fake comments posted on this shady review site against well known top winning lottery systems. We will give you one example we found on this shady lottery system reviews site. A very well known real top winning lottery system called Lotto Guy Lottery System is bashed on this fake review site, claiming it is a bad system, even has many comments posted also bashing the system, but here’s the problem and where this shady review site shows it’s true nature. Both the so called Professor and so called legit comments bash the well-known system stating it’s a useless software system, even the comments state similar and even state they try to charge for more after you buy system etc. Well, for one, the Lotto Guy Lottery System is not a software system at all, they just guessed it was as most systems are software, but not the Lotto Guy Lottery System. So the professor lies about the system, he knows nothing about the system, yet posts it as a bad system giving it a bad review. Now we see some comments saying same thing, system is bad software yada, yada, yada. So now we see the comments are fake and not true, caught directly posting fake comments that make no sense at all.

All you good people who trusted reviews on this shady review site were mislead hugely and were actually plane and out right lied to. We even tried to post a good review on a system that he gives a bad review and even tried to post a bad review on a system he gives a good review, both reviews were denied as expected. Again this shows the lottery system review site is as shady as it gets, nothing more than a slim ball marketer leading people to the systems he can make a buck from. Tricking people into spending their money on garbage systems that are totally useless and pushing them away from the actual good real winning systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, shows this marketer is lower than pond scum!

This fake review site is a fraudulent lottery system reviews site that has now been fully exposed. Pass this on to others, let them know about this crooked review site so others will not be fooled into spending their money on bogus lottery systems that just put sales commissions into the fake Professor Georges pockets.

Only trust legit Lotto System Review site, you will not see any affiliate urls on any of these trusted sites.

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