Lotto Black Book Formula Is Nonsense!!

The Lotto Black Book Formula claims it is a Real Lottery Winner’s secret formula for winning the lottery. The system is said to be created by an Oklahoma math professor Larry Blair, who claims has won 3 out of 5 big lotto jackpots using his own Lotto Black Book System. When looking further into this system we find many issues, lots of lies and false advertising.

Here are some of the issues we found showing this lottery system is not what it is claiming to be.

  • Over the last year or so the sales page has stated the system was created over a 20 year period, then later changed to 9 year period. This change occurred after many other review sites pointed this fact out.
  • The sales page was found to have fake testimonials, now removed to hide that fact.
  • It has been proved there is No Math Professor Larry Blair, just a phony scenario used to sell a bogus lottery product.
  • The seller claims to have won lottery jackpots with the Lotto Black book System yet there is No Real Proof and the first sales page was caught using a fake winning photo proven to be Michael Anderson not Larry Blair. This was proven by many sites, now the photo yet again has been removed to hide the evidence. This seller of the Lotto Black Book is a shady seller/marketer and has lied many times and been caught, you need to be aware of this fact!
  • The Lotto Black Book Formula is nothing special and if you investigate all the so-called good reviews you will see they are all from affiliates selling the system. Those reviews all supply links to the system and if you look at the url it will have hop in the link meaning it is an affiliate link. You cannot trust reviews from affiliates they lie to sell, you must trust real reviews only! See reputable review sites Lotto System Reviews The TruthLottery Systems Reviews.
  • The Lotto Black Book has been caught using fake testimonials, fake creator Larry Blair, Does Not Show Any Real Proof Of Winnings, Has been found out to be a shady marketer not a math professor from Oklahoma. The system it’s self has no real lottery winners, all lies!

The Lotto Black Book has been reported by many people to be of little use winning lottery games and we recommend you find a better system that is a real winning system, fake system win nothing. Only shady review sites report it is a good system as they fool you to make money.

Take a peek at the official best winning lottery systems poll results, note the Lotto Black Book failed to receive votes why? The system does not win lottery games or real users or lottery winners would have voted for it, there is your solid proof of where this B.S Lotto Black Book really stands. Simply put, the Lottery Black Book Formula is Nonsense!! Our lotto black book review tells you the truth!

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