Silver Lotto System Does It Really Win Lotteries?

The Silver Lotto System, is a lottery system created by Ken Silver that boasts a very high win rate, but does it really win lotteries? We have a ton of people requesting information on this Silver Lotto System from us weekly, so here is the honest truth about this system that seems to boast of it’s silly high 98% win rate.

To start off even Ken Silver himself says he created this Silver Lotto System at home on his own. He started selling the system back in the 90’s and continues to sell the system up to the present day. Ken Silver also says he is a writer, has also said has had his own publishing company, so in reality he has no real lottery system developing special skills. Ken Silver is not a true lottery expert, how do writers/publishers get there information? They get it from other sources as books, Internet, and so on. This is where Ken Silver has gotten his lottery system creation from, along with many others who also have made-up systems. Now whether it is a lottery system developed by real data analysis by real techs/professionals or just a made-up system by some dude, all that really matters is if the systems will help you win the lottery correct?

Here is the scoop on this  Silver Lotto System Review if really delivers the claimed 98% win rate, or winning 9 out of 10 lottery games is actually true. Lets start with our testimonial of the system. We have tried and tested this Silver Lottery System a little while back and followed Ken Silvers advice and tips, but I am sorry to say the system was very disappointing to say the least. A 98% win rate this system claims is very misleading, we did not do much better with the Silver Lotto System, than with playing regular lottery quick picks. I would give the Silver Lottery System a slightly better winning odds than using quick picks or random lottery numbers.

Now lets look at what the lottery system review sites have to say about the Silver Lotto System Review. Looking at the top review sites we find every single review site, stating the Silver Lotto System is extremely hyped-up and misleading, does not win lottery games as advertised. Some review sites even suggesting the system is border-line scam! When investigating lottery blogs and forums to see what others are saying about the system, we yet again find very negative comments/reports that the system is no where near as good as Ken Silver and of course the many affiliates promoting the system claim it to be.

We know first hand there has been many suggestions of people, not getting their guaranteed 60 day refund if requested from Ken Silver. We have read many complaints by others who say they were railroaded out of the guaranteed refund, some very angry people indeed. So the point in this case is buyer beware! If it does not sound legit, maybe best to move on.

Now to yet again show some proof if others who have tried the Silver Lotto System actually won with the system or failed with the system. take a peek a the latest best winning lottery system poll official results below. As you can see very clearly for yourself the Silver Lotto System received ZERO VOTES! This mean that there were no real lottery winners who won with that system. If the system was actually delivering a 98% win rate, there would be many more real winners voting for the system, but it is just not the case here. Our Silver Lotto System Review, suggests you to use your best judgement, look over the given facts on this particular system and make a sound decision on whether it is worth trying or not. There are clearly much better systems on the market that actually do win lottery games. The top winning system voted best winning system in two best winning lottery system official poll results (polls cannot lie or cheat) was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, a system highly recommended many real lottery winners, which is not a made-up system by some dude, but by a real lottery techs/professionals and get this, this system does not allow affiliates to sell it, it’s the real deal!


Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!


I hope we have given you a good insight or review on the Silver Lotto System created by Ken Silver versus much better real systems such as The Lotto Guy Lottery System and others. We did this review so hopefully we will get less requests about this system. Please feel free to post this article on your websites, blogs and so on, to help others have access to the review.

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