How To Win OZ Lotto Winning Strategy!

Australian OZ Lotto is a pick 7 from 45 or 7/45 lotto game plus 2 bonus or supplementary drawn numbers which is held every Tuesday Night. The total of 9 lottery balls are drawn at random from the forty five lotto balls, the first seven balls drawn are the “winning numbers balls”, the last two lotto balls drawn are the supplementary numbers or bonus number balls.

Playing the OZ Lotto to get good winning success, means you will need a good solid proven strategy and is the only smart way to attempt to win at this Australian pick 7 game. Oz Lotto has seven prize Divisions and to win a cash prize you need to
hit or match a minimum of three winning lotto numbers drawn from the 45 number pool and 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers in any one game.

It is very interesting to see how many strategies or systems, claim they will give you good winning results if used for OZ Lotto, but after some in-depth searching reviews on what real OZ Lotto winners were using to increase their odds to win, we have found the highest percentage of winners were using a lottery system. The system we are referring to has also been recognised as the worlds beat winning lottery system for Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lotto games including OZ Lotto! See for yourself below the actual official poll, to find the best winning lottery systems. Polls are solid proof of what real people are voting on, in this case it is which lottery system worked best for you!

20013 Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results!

The proof is very clear that most people voted for the Lotto Guy Lottery System which seems to also have the highest percentage of OZ Lotto winners. Ultimately the
choice is up to you which system you will use, but you simply cannot afford to jump from system to system, that would cost a fortune, best to try out what others recommend first as it may be your key to real winning success!

The fact is, if you play Australians top lotto game OZ Lotto, you definitely MUST use a system and it should be a system that can also be used for other Australian Lottery games such as  Monday Night Lotto, Wednesday Night Lotto, Thursday Night Powerball, and Saturday Night Lotto, once again the top system or strategy is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it’s a no brainer!

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