Lotto Black Book Formula Is It For Real?

Most people have heard about the Lotto Black Book by professor Larry Blair, but do not know the whole truth about this lottery system. The system creator claims to have won 3 lottery jackpots as well as lotteries for many people. Larry Blair also claims to have been shot by thieves trying to steal his precious Lotto Black Book System Formula. The real truth now be told, this lottery system has won No Lottery Jackpots! It’s really a shame that this once believed winning system is really just a farce!

It has now been thoroughly proven and reported by many people and other sites, including most every lottery system review site, that this Lotto Black Book system was not created by a Math Professor Larry Blair, the real creator of this extremely hyped-up silly non winning system is in fact just a common marketer. Checking into this Lotto Black Book we find many false reviews on this system all by affiliates also trying to sell the system for commission sales, which is also a big clue the system is fake. Just think about it for a second, why would a supposed great winning system need affiliates selling it? The only reason is, it’s the only way this system makes money, not by winning any lottery games so please do not be fooled by this phony system.

This Lotto Black Book was also entered into a recent best lottery system poll, where it failed miserably, meaning no lottery players are winning with this false hyped-up system. If the system was winning lotto, where the hell are all the winners? We Cannot find any real winners at all! Also this so-called math Professor Larry Blair has changed his sales website a few times telling the story behind his Lotto Black Book system. The most stupid statement made was it first took him 20 years to create and develop his Lotto Black Book Formula, now as of late he has changed that saying now it took him only 9 years to develop, what will this lier claim next. The point I am making is the system uses a misleading phony scenario to lure you in to grab your money.

Lotto Black Book System

  • System claimed to be developed by a Math Professor is not true at all!
  • Lotto Black Book has no real winners including the seller of the false system.
  • Lottery system review sites rate the Lotto Black Book as a very poor system.
  • The Lotto Black Book has affiliates selling it which is a clear sign only makes money by sales, not by winning lottery games.
  • Tons of reports say the Lotto Black Book system is nothing special wins nothing.
  • Lotto Black Book System was caught in early 2012 with false testimonials on sales page and false lottery winning cheques ( Remember even one false cheque or testimonial is clear sign to avoid system) Since being caught has now changed the sales page to hide this.
  •  Reports of the guaranteed refunds not being honored by seller of the Lotto Black Book, what a big surprise!

Read the Lotto Black Book reviews very carefully, do some research on the Lotto Black Book before thinking about buying it. If the system has affiliates selling it, just walk away! Real honest winning lottery systems do not need to be sold using affiliates, real systems win lottery games for real! I bet you the FTC will be close down this false Lotto Black Book soon, as have seen other systems that are using similar false advertising that are shutting down. Get a real system, it’s the only way to get good winning results! If you want our opinion on a great tested and proven real winning lottery system, check out Lotto Guy Lottery System it actually works good.

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