Many Income Streams Scam Review Site Run By Shady Marketer

If you have read reviews on lottery systems or products on, you can be sure the review was not truthful. We have read some highly disturbing reviews on this so called scam review site. Which they claim the product was a scam, yet did not show any solid proof of the product being a scam at all. They also called a well-known lottery system Lotto Guy Lottery System a scam. Stated highly misleading, inaccurate information about the system. As they did not know the system even well enough to write a truthful review. Thus damaging/slandering the business in the process.

Calling any lottery system, product or business a scam without any solid proof is an outrageous act. Which clearly shows how poorly these fake reviews are run. We know for a solid fact the Lotto Guy Lottery System is not a scam in any way. In fact a very reputable system that has even won a best winning lottery system poll by receiving the most votes. Of course this shady scam review site will never tell you that. As it would show solid proof it is in fact a good real winning system. And they don’t want you to know the truth as it does them no good. See the actual poll results below. is run by a shady marketer

The shady marketer who owns/writes reviews and runs this review site. Seems to be taking information from other shady review sites and just re-using it. While adding his own inaccurate information which shows shady behavior. This marketer is using very shady illegal tactics to try and grab sales for his own business venture. Trying to get you to join Wealthy Affiliate. If you do he gets a commission. While completely slandering good systems and or products that are doing nothing wrong. This shady marketing tactic is called piggybacking or bait and switch/fake reviews. The shady marketers that use this are nothing short of slime.

We highly advise to never purchase anything from this or from Which seems to be another shady review site he is also connected with. After catching this shady marketer feeding people false inaccurate information. About a very well known, highly reputable lottery system that has been around for many years. Calling it a scam without any solid evidence of any kind to back up that nasty statement.

We can now be sure the site/owner that wrote this false fake review about the lotto guy lottery system. Is in fact an actual scammer! Who’s sole purpose is to bad mouth other products/businesses, then point people to his money making program wealthy affiliate. Which by the way is a highly suspect program even reported as a scam on Is A Scam Review Site

If you came across any bad reviews on these two shady review sites. You can be sure they are not telling you the truth. We even sent in a good review on the Lotto Guy Lottery System as we know it is a good system to use. Of course they denied the review. What kind of review site refuses good reviews? Only a dishonest review site. This bogus scam review site seems to only accept bad reviews and if does not get them the honest way. Will just make up a bad review as we have seen on the review site for ourselves.

This despicable scam review site is bad mouthing many other products/businesses that do not deserve a bad review at all. Feel free to pass out this information. We need to make these con artist marketers and their shameful bogus review sites well known. As they may hurt your business next.

Manyincomestreams Scam Reviews Posting Fake Reviews

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